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My Blog in Review: 2009

Well, the end of the year is here already. I thought I’d look back at what I had on my blog, talk about what is to come, and a little bit of other stuff.

It’s hard to believe that this new blog (code named Jerenspeak) went up back in April. Since then, I’ve covered a variety of topics, from a browser comparison, domain slamming, and Eric Clapton, to Twitter, Star Trek Online, and Doctor Who. It’s been an interesting year, with a range of subjects that I hope my (limited number of) readers have enjoyed.

I do have quite a bit to post on the same subjects. Articles are already written. However, they will be posted more regularly than before, especially after I get my entire site redesigned.

So, what is there to look forward to? More Twitter/online safety tips, Doctor Who news and reviews, information about Star Trek Online, web design/programming tips and guidelines, music/guitar information… it’s all coming! Just be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or Twitter account to stay on top of it.

I hope everyone stays safe tonight. And we’ll see what comes with my site for 2010!

Looking for Ideas

I’ve not written blogs as regularly as I thought I would. I’ve been too busy to do that thus far.  But, I am curious what interests those that do read this.  So, this blog is simple and to the point:

“What would you like me to write about in a future blog?”

I’d be willing to review sites, give my input on things, even answer questions about a variety of topics.  Leave some comments and let me know! I’ll be sure to throw in these ideas along with my other blogs that are coming up.

Thank you!

Introducing The New Blog

So, this is my new blog.  Plain and simple.  I can’t say I expect for much to come from it, but then again, I’m seeing this as a work in progress at the moment.  So, call this the WIP Blog.  Jerenspeak.  Better yet, let’s call it Jerenspeak Beta.  I think I’ll keep it named that for a while.  After all, it never hurts to keep things in beta for years.

What do I expect to do with this blog?  Probably ramble about various things, from cool websites and games to neat gadgets and music.  Oh, and I’ll probably talk about new sites I’ve put together, ideas, and what not.

And, should anyone have any suggestions on something really cool I should talk about, I have no problem with that either.  Whether you contact me through this blog, my site (Coming Soon), Twitter, whatever.

Let the blogging begin!  Or… continue.  Or whatever.