My Blog in Review: 2009

Well, the end of the year is here already. I thought I’d look back at what I had on my blog, talk about what is to come, and a little bit of other stuff.

It’s hard to believe that this new blog (code named Jerenspeak) went up back in April. Since then, I’ve covered a variety of topics, from a browser comparison, domain slamming, and Eric Clapton, to Twitter, Star Trek Online, and Doctor Who. It’s been an interesting year, with a range of subjects that I hope my (limited number of) readers have enjoyed.

I do have quite a bit to post on the same subjects. Articles are already written. However, they will be posted more regularly than before, especially after I get my entire site redesigned.

So, what is there to look forward to? More Twitter/online safety tips, Doctor Who news and reviews, information about Star Trek Online, web design/programming tips and guidelines, music/guitar information… it’s all coming! Just be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or Twitter account to stay on top of it.

I hope everyone stays safe tonight. And we’ll see what comes with my site for 2010!

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