Update: Why My Previous Doctor Who Post Was Wrong

[This post contains spoilers for “The Wedding of River Song”. If you haven’t seen it yet (though you SHOULD HAVE by now), you may wish to avoid this post.]

Months ago, after seeing The Impossible Astronaut, I thought I had figured something out. Yes, I had seen the Doctor die and knew that River Song could not have done it. (And I don’t mean because she was on the beach!)

I had logically concluded that she would know not to shoot a younger self. Of course, looking back, there was a line that I had not considered before. After trying to shoot the astronaut, River remarked, “No, I suppose not.” That line could have hinted that she knew it was her.

Of course, the confusion comes in for me where it was hinted that River wouldn’t remember killing the Doctor, but then she somehow knew about it when on the beach. So did she know or didn’t she? I’ll leave that as a debate for the comments.

For now, I do admit: I was wrong with my Doctor Who conclusion. So, the moral of the story: You don’t always know where Steven Moffat is going to go with a story. Or maybe you do.

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