Possible Star Trek Online Release Date

The website MMORPG.com has just posted a new article that details a possible release date for Star Trek Online, an exciting new MMORPG coming from Cryptic Studios.

The basis for this guess comes from the fact that Amazon.com has put up a pre-order for Star Trek Online. And guess what? They’ve got a date attached: February 2, 2010.  And given that we already know that the game will be released in Q1 2010, this could possibly be a correct date.

Should we lock in that date for the release? Not necessarily. As no official release date has been given by Cryptic, it’s possible that that date is only a temporary one while Amazon (and the rest of us) waits to hear an official one given from Cryptic.

On a side note, do consider pre-ordering the game. The perks, as listed on Amazon.com, aren’t too bad: access to open beta and a special bridge officer for your character.  Seems like a nice little addition to having the game reserved for you. Oh, and the 6% savings you get for pre-ordering right now, too, is nice.

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