More ‘DRoA’ Fun

I suppose there is one downside to owning several domain names: People like the Domain Registry of America spam you!  And, this isn’t the first time. At least this time, they had their actual name on the envelope.

As a courtesy to everyone that may read this, here are a few things to note about these renewals.

Don’t be fooled by them! It’s simply a practice known as domain slamming. They send you a notice, reminding you that your domain name should be renewed soon, but by signing up with them, you’ll likely pay more than you did for your domain name! If you’re not cautious, you may think it is a legitimate bill and pay it. Do not do that!

The best thing to do when you get a notice like this is to contact your web host or domain registrar personally. Anything regarding your domain name will be coming from them, NOT from the Domain Registrar of America!

Hopefully, these simple reminders will help you to avoid possible problems in the future!

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