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Clapton Concert Review Coming Soon

Wednesday, I went to see Eric Clapton and Steven Winwood in concert.  I’ve been asked by a few people how the concert was.  Well, I will be writing a thorough review and posting it tomorrow for all to read.  I will try to include all that I can remember and describe things as best as possible.

I hope you’re eager to read it!

Introducing The New Blog

So, this is my new blog.  Plain and simple.  I can’t say I expect for much to come from it, but then again, I’m seeing this as a work in progress at the moment.  So, call this the WIP Blog.  Jerenspeak.  Better yet, let’s call it Jerenspeak Beta.  I think I’ll keep it named that for a while.  After all, it never hurts to keep things in beta for years.

What do I expect to do with this blog?  Probably ramble about various things, from cool websites and games to neat gadgets and music.  Oh, and I’ll probably talk about new sites I’ve put together, ideas, and what not.

And, should anyone have any suggestions on something really cool I should talk about, I have no problem with that either.  Whether you contact me through this blog, my site (Coming Soon), Twitter, whatever.

Let the blogging begin!  Or… continue.  Or whatever.