30 Weekdays of Commits

I’ve got some ideas about what I want 2015 to mean for me. From a professional standpoint, I have some development goals: Refresh and improve my PHP skills, create a couple of sites that I have wanted to create, (( And update my site )) and do more work on a couple of app ideas that I’ve had.

I haven’t had the chance to work with Codeignitor yet. A lot of my PHP history has been procedural instead of object oriented, and I haven’t worked with a framework like Codeignitor. So, that is one goal of mine that’s near the top of my list.

There are also a couple of scripts and processes that I want to provide for both myself and others but need to create some cleaner code for. For instance, I’ve wanted to create a new system to track my timesheet during the week. Thus far, I’ve been tracking it all in Numbers so I can graph the information, see my progression of hours each week, and how many hours I might be ahead/behind. But I’d like something a little more long-term than a spreadsheet plus the capability for more advanced reports.

This is all in addition to the apps I’m working on. I have some updates coming to Countr that I’d like to develop, plus some other app ideas I’m working on for Random Projects.

All-in-all, I’ve got things I can develop. So, I’m glad that I came across Colin Devroe‘s idea for 30 Weekdays of Commits. This is just what I need to get motivated and get back into a heavier coding swing. Starting on Monday, December 22, I’ll be pushing myself to commit code to at least one of the above projects every weekday. (( Sorry, most of these will likely be to private repos on Bitbucket. )) Who’s joining me?


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