The New Doctor Who: New Foreshadowing?

Alert! This post will contain spoilers! Beware of what is below!

So, I know I have yet to talk about the new Doctor Who episodes, starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, but I thought I would already post some ideas about possible themes that I have caught in the first two episodes of season five (that is, “The Eleventh Hour” and “The Beast Below”).

  • Zero – “The Eleventh Hour” dealt with an alien named ‘Prisoner Zero’. Obviously, the concept of zero was important in that episode. However, in “The Beast Below”, I heard zero mentioned at least once, making me wonder if this was an element worth keeping track of.
  • Silence is Falling – The alien in “The Eleventh Hour” said that silence is falling. What does this mean? I’m not sure right now, but I think this may be something that comes up again, if not in the season finale, then during another episode in the season.
  • A Crack in the Universe – This one is blatantly obvious in the new season so far. When we first meet Amelia Pond, she has a crack in her wall. We later see that crack on a monitor in the TARDIS before the Doctor and Amy disappear. We then see this crack on the side of the ship in “The Beast Below”. Clearly, this is some kind of obvious foreshadowing (or a red herring). In either case, it is blatant in these episodes.

As we see more of the new Doctor Who season airing, we’ll see what else comes along. If you have noticed some more trends, please post them below!

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