New Who Looking Good, Different

Series 5 of Doctor Who is still a ways off. We still have to finish up this year’s specials, leading to the end of David Tennant’s time as the traveling Time Lord.  However, some information has already been coming through about Series 5 (as well as the specials yet to be released this year).

While I am going to avoid talking about the upcoming specials (The Water of Mars and The End of Time, if anyone is curious), I will note some things I’ve seen in several pictures regarding Series 5.  For the following information, refer to the following links here and here.


From the links shown, does anything stand out to you about the TARDIS? Well, I think it’s a bit more bluer than it is now.  While this may seem like a small thing, there is some news that the TARDIS interior may be changing, too.  I wonder how many people will respond to this.  How do you respond?  Comment below!

New Doctor

Obviously, we have a new Doctor coming. But, Matt Smith isn’t the only new face we’ll see. He has a new companion to top it off (though some of the pictures in those links show an old face… though I won’t mention who).

And, obviously, with a new Doctor comes a new look.  Eccleston had his look. Tennant had his.  And Smith, obviously, will have a unique look.  Well, it does look familiar to me.  I see the transition from Tennant to Smith being reminiscent of the transition from Baker to Davison.  I think we’ll know if this holds true next year.

New sonic screwdriver

Um… what? The Doctor is getting a new sonic screwdriver?! What about the two I bought?!  Wait, did I just say that out loud?

But, yes, from the pictures shown, it looks like Doctor 11 will be making a new sonic screwdriver. I guess that can’t be too bad, given how so many other things are being renewed with Matt Smith’s regeneration.

Lastly, there is a spoiler that I haven’t touched yet. I won’t touch on it, but if you view the links above, you’ll undoubtedly see a picture or two that may give it away.

Excited for Doctor Who? I know I am!  What are you looking forward to in Series 5?

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