Review: Baseball Superstars 11

The latest in the Gamevil baseball series, Baseball Superstars ’11, delivers a good strike to the classic ballgame. Having played both of the previous titles, I can say that this one truly is an improvement.

Months ago, I did a small post regarding a classic NES baseball game: RBI Baseball. Playing Baseball Superstars ’11 reminds me of RBI baseball. The game is easy to play, allows for you to just pick up where you left off, and overall is a very enjoyable experience.

You’re able to play multiple game modes, from single exhibition games to full careers with a character. As before, RPG elements are included, allowing for you to improve your player’s skills and abilities as the game progresses.

With some humorous elements thrown in via a subtly laid story, simple baseball gameplay, and the ability to stop and resume playing a game at any point, Baseball Superstars ’11 is definitely worth checking out.

Review: Rock Band 3

Yesterday was the big release of Rock Band 3. Well, for some, it was midnight Monday night. Either way, I’ve finally had the chance to play the latest musical installment and have a few things to say.

I only played the game for about a half hour, but it was enough for me to experience a few things.

First, the career mode is different than before. I’m not sure how to really describe it, but it seems like it’s easier to play in shorter sittings. Most of the sets I’ve had to play were just two songs each, which you can easily do for 15 minutes if that is all you have available.

The next change, which I really like, is that new costume and customizable options become available after achieving goals in game. There is no more money in game. This makes it much easier to gain new looks, in my opinion. You just need to unlock the gear, not see if you can play enough songs to make enough money to open something up.

The ability to instantly join a song or drop out is an amazing feature. I’ve had friends play Rock Band 2 that want to drop out mid song and, when they did, we’d all complain about having to restart the song. Now, that’s not a problem. And if someone does drop out, join in, or change any settings, the game will rewind the song a few seconds so that everyone can catch up.

The song list itself is pretty impressive. Even when doing random pop and 80’s songs, I’ve found ones that I know and can play. If you haven’t checked out the song list for Rock Band 3, yet, you should!

Lastly, there’s the new instrument type: the keyboard. A full 2-octave midi keyboard is provided with the game. You can choose to play either in the standard 5-color mode, or you can go into Pro mode and actually try to play the keys that are shown on the screen. Beware: This is harder than it looks if you can’t play the keys already! But it is also quite fun!

In short, Rock Band 3 looks like it’ll be a great successor to the already great Rock Band 2. I’m looking forward to playing the keys more, which will add a little change to the game. (Note: Only Rock Band 3 songs have the option for keys, so don’t expect to be able to play them in your already massive Rock Band song library.)

The only thing I have not tested is the new Pro guitar, as I did not purchase one. However, you can easily find reviews for that online.

Have you tried Rock Band 3 yet? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

RBI Baseball

So, I decided to go old-school today. It has been a while since I blogged, so here I will try and catch you up with the past. And by that, I mean going back to 1987. That’s when RBI Baseball was released for the NES.

I don’t know when I originally bought the game for my NES, but I still regard it as one of my favorites. It’s simple approach to baseball just makes it one of those games that I like playing for a few minutes if I need a break from something.

And so, as I take a break from work, I thought I would just put that little tidbit out there for everyone. Now, I’m off to play 5 minutes of baseball before getting back to work.

And don’t worry. I will talk all about the past few months soon.

My Star Trek Online Videos

I know, I know… I annoyed so many people with my automatic Twitter updates about new videos I had uploaded to Google. Well, I’m sorry.

But, I’m not sorry enough to not post this summary post. Yes, here is an overview of all of the videos I have posted thus far.

First, for a quick reference, you can find all of my Star Trek Online videos, including any future ones, on this playlist. (Unfortunately, some of my first videos don’t have sound, but all of my latest ones, and my future ones, do!)

So, what videos do I have? Well, I have some videos pertaining to some missions in the game. (I also have a playlist for all mission videos, too.) These include the tutorial [1, 2, 3], the “SS Azura Mission” [1, 2, 3, 4], “Diplomatic Orders” [1, 2, 3], “Stop the Signal” [1, 2], “Hide and Seek” [1, 2, 3, 4] and, my personal favorite so far, “City on the Edge of Never” [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Besides those mission videos, I also have some informative “How To” videos. An example of this is embedded below:

Hopefully, you’ll find these videos interesting!

Do you have any specific parts of Star Trek Online that you’d like me to make a video about? Let me know, either by a comment on this post, or through Twitter, Facebook, or the usual means!

Star Trek Online Begins Today!

That’s right! Those months of beta testing are over. The long wait for the first true Trek MMO has come to an end. We’ve finally arrived.

While the game launch date is February 2nd, anyone that has pre-ordered can begin playing today! Will we be seeing you in game?

If anyone does play and wishes to find me, you just have to look me up! I’m “@FSF Josh” in game. See you there!

STO Open Beta Gameplay Footage [Video]

So, are you waiting for Star Trek Online’s open beta client to download? Or are you not in beta at all? Or are you and you still want to see more of Star Trek Online?!

Well, here’s some game play footage of the mission to rescue the SS Azura! If the text and screen appear to small, you can always put the video into full screen to see it.

This video comes in four parts, all of which are posted below.


Star Trek Online Enters Open Beta

The game has come a long way. Star Trek Online is finally at the open beta stage. Thankfully, this also includes another little perk: the lifting of the non-disclosure agreement that had us closed beta testers silent.

Starting later today, I’ll be posting various screen shots from closed beta, talking about some of my favorite moments, and other little things about Star Trek Online. I can also answer questions.

Do you have something you want to know about Star Trek Online? If I can answer it, I will. Just leave a comment here, tweet me, or use the form on my blog.

Want to play Star Trek Online? There’s still a chance!

Star Trek Online is looking to be a very fun MMORPG. Being the first Star Trek game of this type, it definitely has quite a following. However, some people are already playing it! (They just have to report bugs, of course).

Are you interested in playing Star Trek Online? Well, if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the closed beta! It’s like joining one of those super secret online societies, where you can’t talk to others about it. At least you can be a geek and join this one!

But, we have other news, too! Even if you signed up for closed beta and have not got called, do not fear!  It has been announced that there will be a two week open beta close to Star Trek Online’s launch date of February 2nd, 2010.  So, be sure to check out their website and sign up for beta!

In the meantime, want a sneak peak at some of Star Trek Online’s game play? Check out this video.

Star Trek Online Ship Tactics: